Welcome! My name is Shawn. I am originally from Southern Oregon, but currently live in a small town in North East Washington. I have lived in a variety of locations; starting in Grants Pass, Oregon, then to Eugene, Oregon. I moved to the Grand Canyon when I was 18 where I met my husband. We then moved to Springfield, Oregon, where I had my first child. Kaitlyn, is now 23, married in November of 2017. She made me a grandmother of a beautiful baby girl (Karma was a Bitch! haha) named Raven Scarlett born on January 24, 2019. She is the light of my (and her Papa’s) life.

From Springfield, we moved back to Arizona, where we lived off Route 66 in Kingman. We lived there for a few years, and then moved back up to Eugene, Oregon. We lived there for about 15 years, during which I had my second child, Anthony, who decided before starting 1st Grade that he was going to be called Tony. Tony is now 19 and is currently working as a cook. After living in Eugene, we moved to Roseburg, then my husband got his dream job at the Grand Coulee Dam, and this is where we are.

I currently work as a 911 dispatcher for the Colville Tribes. This can be a rewarding job, but sometimes frustrating and flat out irritating.  I have now worked as a 911 dispatcher for over 12 years combined. 8 for the University of Oregon Police and 4.5 years at my current agency.

So, you now know the basics about me and you will find a variety of stories from my various experiences from motherhood, working as a 911 dispatcher, my stories of my pets (oh no not that!), my photography (check out my website), essential oils (diffuser, salves, roller ball), cooking (not my passion, but sometimes I make something new and share worthy), or whatever comes to mind for the day.

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