Holy cow! As some of you know I’m a 911 dispatcher. There are some dispatchers that are known as “shit magnets” who wreak havoc by just stepping into the room. Then there are the ones like me; my nickname is Mayhem. One of my officers said today, that for the first month he worked for our department he didn’t know my real name because the crew called me Mayhem. In my case, chaos comes in random spurts, I could go for months and just have a fairly normal day, then Bam! Mayhem ensues.


Apparently, the fates decided today was the day. Mind you, I have had quite a mild streak for a while and I was on medical leave for 6 weeks. Boy howdy, come noon, I barely had time to breathe. My officers could hear my responses get faster as more shit hit the fan. A newer officer, whom I’ve only worked with for a couple weeks now, asked if I was working tomorrow. When I responded that I was he stated that he’s going to come in and unplug the phone. Another said he was going to just unplug everything.


Things started of fairly normal with a call here and there and then a few that made me shake my head in wonder. Then, as stated previously, about noon all hell broke loose. One call after another with the phone ringing off the hook on top of everything else. And I’m the only dispatcher, go me! With many behind the scenes; cursing(f-bombs were flying everywhere), mutterings (picture Yosemite Sam cursing), and outbursts (would you stop!) to de-stress along the way. Yelling at the phone or radio console, as long as the other end can’t hear, is a dispatchers way of letting off steam. I know I can’t be the only one that does this!


Ended up with 20 call cards for the day, which included 5 arrests (for my area in one shift, that can be a lot!). Mind you this doesnt take into account all the phone calls coming in, only incidents requiring an officer response. After, it was all over and I could breathe again (and go to the bathroom) came the catch up. But the sweetest sight after a day like that is seeing your relief walk though the door. And even better is all my guys went home safe.




Mayhem Strikes Again!

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