Random Memories

I’m sure there are crazier things, but when you are 16 and just got your driver’s license, in my experience there wasn’t anything crazier.

My aunt D was the coolest person I knew, still is as far as I’m concerned. She is 10 years older than I am and is my mom’s youngest sister. She would come to visit most summers and the wine would flow between the adults (and my sneaky little brother) around the pool. It was a time to celebrate birthdays and family.

When I turned 16, I got my license shortly after and became the official designated driver. When more wine, beer or snacks were needed, I got to drive the chosen adult to the store, usually mom, Aunt D, and/or our Cousin Jenifer. At that time in my life, I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s house during the summer, but that is a story for another time.

I had been asleep on the couch, when D shook me awake and asked me to drive her to the cemetary because she wanted to visit her dad, who had died about 5-6 years before. Generally, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, except it was 2:30 am and she was wearing her bikini and a big white terry cloth bathrobe.

So, I got up, put on my shoes and drove he to town to the cemetary where grandpa was buried. By this time, it is about 3 am. I pulled up in front of the gate, which of course, at this time of night is locked. Did this deter D, of course not!

The gates at the cemetary are wrought iron and about 10 feet tall. D climbed the gate, mind you, she is bare foot and still wearing her bikini & robe.

I waited in the car, thinking the entire time that the cops were going to show up and I was going to be in SOOOO much trouble. I’m really not sure how long I sat there but she finally came back and I drove her back out to grandma’s house.

We never talked about this afterward, but the memory is one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. To this day, I’m not certain what she was looking for that night, but I hope she found it. If you read this Aunt D, I love you. This is one of my best memories with you, even if I was scared we were going to get arrested.

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