Random Memories vol. 2

I love my family, we are crazy and dysfunctional, and tend to enjoy our insanity.

The best of my memories were always centered around summer time and grandma Lois’ house and pool. The same year of the 3 am cemetery raid, the champagne and been flowing between the adults. In the heat of the afternoon, Carl, who had of course been drinking beer all day (I don’t think I eveer saw him drinking any thing else) went in to take a nap.

When Carl napped, he napped hard, well I guess you would too if you drank beer all day. Aunt D and Cousine Jenifer decided while he was “passed out” that they were going to paint Carl’s toe nails. It took a good half hour, of giggling and falling down and pure laughter before they could even get into the room.

By the time they were able to settle themselves enoughand got into the room, they found that his toe nails had already been painted. 😀

Not to be deterred, however, they decided to glue ping pong balls to his chest.

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