The Baby Bear and the Dream

I absolutely loved living out in the country. I lived in about 5 miles outside of the little town of Merlin, Oregon. My parents had this house built when I was 6 and we lived there until I was 15. Living out in the sticks, of course you have all kinds of wildlife. I really don’t remember seeing a whole lot, not even deer, which seem to be domesticated here and we call them the Coulee Dogs because they wander all over the place in town.

We had a gate at the end of our driveway because we had our house broken into a few times and it was my job when we came home to open the gate so my mom could drive through. One day, we pulled up to the gate and about half way up the drive there was a bear cub sniffing around.

My mom decided that since the cub was there, she would open the gate because the mother was sure to be around somewhere. So really nothing happened other than the baby bear took off into the woods and there you think the story would end.

Well being your typical pre-teen I had a very vivid imagination. That night I had a dream that the mother bear was coming to get us. You know, like Jaws 3 when the mother, who of course is double the normal size comes for her baby….well, that was pretty much my dream. The mother bear was as wide as our driveway and basically double the size of a normal bear.


I laugh about this now, it’s truly amazing the odd things that stand out in your memories as a child.


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