The Monster

As a child I had a wild imagination.

We lived in our big house in Merlin and my bedroom was upstairs. At the bottom of the stairs was a landing which lead into the laundry room, to the right was the stairs to the living area & kitchen and to the left was the hall that led to my parents room. (Here’s a crude little diagram).IMG_20180715_034321089.jpg

So I’m not sure why this stuck with me for so long, but years later I can still remember it. When I was 7 years old, I had a strange dream. In the dream there was a hole in the landing at the bottom of the stairs and in that hole lived a monster. The monster, was white and transparent (similar to the picture below).

Sea Walnut

A sea walnut (Mnemiopsis leidyi) (Credit: Andrew Nekrasov/Alamy)

In order to get past the hole, you had to jump or step from corner to corner (from the hall to the stairs, stairs to stairs, etc). I was a real pain in the neck, especially from a seven year old with short legs. One day, not sure exactly why or how, but the monster ate my 2nd grade teacher (can’t even remember her name, but it was like Schroeder or Schneider or something like that) and several of my friends and classmates. This really upset me because they were all people I liked. What was worse was that I could see them in the monster’s belly, however, it was like a cut out circle of the school pictures we had taken.

About this time, I woke up; pretty freaked out as you can imagine. I grabbed my bright orange vinyl bean bag and dragged it behind me down the stairs. The first thing I did was test the floor to make sure if I stepped on it; it wouldn’t collapse and I would get eaten by the monster. Instead of going into my parents room, I drug my bean bag into the living room and put it in front of the wood stove.

I curled up into the bean bag and went back to sleep, only to start having the same exact dream again! This time I finished the dream and managed to save my teacher and my friends.

Maybe this was why the dream has stuck with me to adulthood. Having the same bazaar dream twice in the same night is one of my many strange memories.


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