The Therapy Cat

We’ve been very lucky with our animals over the years. We’ve adopted some of them and some of them have adopted us. In this particular case, one morning as my husband was leaving for work and getting into the Durango, he heard a meowing coming from around the truck. He checked around and found a little fluff ball had curled up in the wheel well.

He pulled her out and took her to the door and hollered for me not to freak out but that we had a visitor of the feline persuasion. Later, when he came home, we posted on Facebook and made fliers to try to find this pretty baby’s owner. No one claimed ever her, so we became her new family. Eleven years later, she’s still our fur baby and has been one of the best additions we never knew we needed.

My husband served in the military before we met and suffers from PTSD. He’s had nightmares and flash backs for years and has simply pushed through. Bugg adopted him as her human. For years she has told him when it’s time for him to go to bed. Hopped up in his lap when he’s had a particularly bad day. She’s like the Nana in Peter Pan, she just takes care of him. She takes care of me now and again but mostly him.

Bugg hugging her human.

When she hops into bed she’ll lay between us and usually has to be touching him with at least one paw. If he moves, she sinks claw, because she absolutely did not approve of that movement. Many times she will sit above his head on the recliner and lay a paw on the top of his head or give him a bath.

We named her Bugg because her attitude is ever changing. Sometimes she is the Snuggle Bugg, or the Love Bugg, and when she’s particularly ornery, she’s the Pill Bugg. But mostly she’s our Buggy Bugg.

She’s not a registered therapy animal, she’s just taken up the role on her own. She doesn’t travel with him or anything but there are cats out there trained to be emotional support animals. Some articles speculate about not having enough evidence supporting that service animals are actually helpful to people. I have seen first hand the truth that animals can be helpful. She’s living in my house, our own personal guardian angel kitty.

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