Hysterical Laughter

He said something that really wasn’t all that funny, but he sounded so impressed with himself that all she could do was laugh. It had been a really rough night, and she had been up for nearly 28 hours by that point. So when he started listing his accomplishments for the day, she broke out into hysterical laughter.

“I did the dishes, I took care of you, I did the shopping, and a couple other things that any normal person would do without thought. He looked at her in shock while he pulled out of the parking space and onto the highway. She continued to laugh the entire 3 minute drive home. Just as she would start to calm down, he would make some quirky little remark that set her off all over again.

She was nearly doubled over in pain, clutching her stomach because it hurt so good. She was really surprised she hadn’t peed her pants by the time they made it home. As they walked into the house he told everyone that she was broken, that he had broken her. This made her start laughing all over again.

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