Big Wheel Adventures

His little brother had received a Big Wheel bike for Christmas, and the boy was determined to try it out. It didn’t matter that they lived on a large hill with 10-foot drop offs. He was going to ride the bike.

The first time, he climbed on and shot off through the woods, leaves spraying in the air like water behind a speeding boat.

His middle brother and sister took off running through the woods after him when suddenly he disappeared. The boy and girl got to the spot where he had vanished to find a sizeable bowl-like hole.

The boy jumped up out of the leaves that covered him and started dragging the Big Wheel back up the hill. He was going to have another go. He argued with his middle brother about whose turn it was to ride and of course, the big brother won.

He climbed on the bike again and took off like a shot. Little did he know that his mother had just come outside to check on them. Along with his middle brother and sister, his mother took off running after him through the woods.

690 Thornbrook DrThis time there was no bowl to stop him, and he continued through the forest heading toward the end of the property where the land had cut off down the road. They thought for sure he was going to fly off the edge, but he managed to stop himself with the front wheel still spinning over the edge.

When his mother caught up with him and said: “Don’t you EVER do that again!” He looked up at her and said “What, do you think I’m stupid?!?!”

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