The Bicycle

It was 7th grade, and roller skating night. I went to my friends house, who was also one of my closest neighbors. We both lived way out in the sticks. While we were waiting after school to go to the skating rink we decided to go ride bikes.

We were riding along and just goofing off. However, Sarah’s bike had no brakes. I was ahead of her and she came barreling down the hill after me. I started to pull over to the side of the dirt road to get out of her way when I hit a patch of mud.

Down I went, getting my nice outfit for skating all muddy and dirty. As I lay there waiting for Sarah, still bouncing & flying down the hill at top speed, I looked back and her front tire ran over my forehead.

She ran over my head! And over the handle bars she flew landing in another patch of mud. Neither of us were seriously hurt and we giggled a lot but…she ran over my head!

Explains a lot, right?

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