Birthday Twin

I have a couple of birthday twins; one happens to be one of my step-brothers. The other I met in the 7th grade. We are still Facebook friends but don’t talk much anymore. However, I have some great memories with her. The best one is our 13th birthday. As always, I had my birthday party at Grandma’s house. I mean, there’s a pool, what better place for a summer birthday party.

My birthday twin, Carrie, grew up on a dairy farm, did a lot of hard work, most summers she spent with her family bucking hay. But at the age of 13, we were all pretty naive. Carrie, however, was a prankster and generally got the best of everyone.

We had fun swimming and splashing, and sunbathing as new teenagers are wont to do and when it was time to head to my house for the slumber party we went upstairs to my Aunt D’s old room. She didn’t live there anymore but still had a few things she left behind when she moved out. Being snoopy, we pulled out one of her dresser drawers and found her stash of Playgirl magazine. Holy cow!

We started flipping through the magazines when Carrie looks up and says “He looks like a horse!” and we all fell over giggling like, well…school girls.

That night at my house, we had burritos and chips & salsa for dinner. Salsa and refried beans were a first for Carrie; she had never tried either food. But she loved them. However, as they are known to do, the refried beans did not like her. We were all a bit tomboyish, and farting made us laugh and giggle even more.

Our Freshman year in high school, I had to write a paper about being a hero and used my birthday party as a base for the story. I’ll have to find it and share at a later time. The worst part was that the paper had to be read aloud to the class and due to uncontrollable laughter, someone else had to read the story. I was generally the brunt of most of Carries’ jokes; this was probably the only time I ever got the best of her.

During our Freshman year, we had several classes together, and we generally had to be separated because we’d end up laughing more than our teachers liked. Biology was another class we had in common. On the day we were dissecting worms, we were in the lab setting, and one of the boys in class and his partner finished examining their earthworm. The boy got it into his head that it would be fun to lay the worm across his arm and chase Carrie around the room. With her usual exuberance, Carrie hopped up onto the lab table and started hopping from table to table. Finally, the boy got a little too close, and she kicked his arm causing the worm to fly across the room and land on another girl’s shoe. The worm landing on her shoe, of course, started a whole new round of screaming from the other girl.

Sadly, I had to move schools after my Sophomore year of high school and we didn’t get to see much of each other after that. However, I did attend one of Carrie’s band concerts our Junior year and then spent the night at her house. The high school band had to wear formal dresses at their performances. After the performance, I went back with Carrie to change back into street clothes, where she told me that she had been holding in a fart the entire time…

We were driving back to town with her parents in front; Carrie’s brother Jason behind the driver, Carrie in the middle and I behind the passenger, going down the freeway at 55 mph. Carrie thought it was a good time to release one of those farts she had been holding in. Jason and I both rolled down the windows and hung our heads outside. We stopped at their cousin’s house for a bit, and 30 minutes later we got back in the car, and it still smelled!

She was one of my best friends, made me laugh all the time, even when I didn’t want to. When life takes you in different directions it’s the memories they leave behind that can always make me smile.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Twin

  1. A wonderful story. I smiled all the way through it. Then at the end I teamed up and had to fight tears. We have all done crazy wonderful things as teenagers and had those great friends that we can’t Imagine life without. But yet through age and life we all go separate ways but those memories are still there when we think of that special friend. Memories are the best part of getting old.


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