911: Laugh or Scratch Your Head in Wonder

Here is a list of the funniest or strangest calls I have ever taken or heard. Three are from today.

  1. There is a poop emoji floating in the lake, just wanted you to know in case you got any calls for a body.
  2. To dispatch partner after asking the callers name during 911 call: The person who called you, you dumb F*%#.
  3. Officer to dispatch: I’ll be out with a male wearing only socks and carrying nunchacku.
  4. There’s a guy that is saran wrapped to the pole.  (There used to be a photo on College Humor but it appears to have been taken down 😦 )
  5. There is a guy riding his bicycle naked.
  6. There’s a naked guy in the middle of the road (at 5:30 am)
  7. Trying to explain the proper use of 911 to anyone that is drunk.
  8. Officer mistakenly says Feline Harassment instead of Felony.
  9. Same officer tells you that the subject he has in custody really likes your voice and kept flirting with the radio while on his way to jail.
  10. To dispatch partner when a Fire Center calls to tell you there’s a bonfire and you ask if they are going to send a crew to put it out? “Uh well, I don’t know about that.” and you tell them the officer we send isn’t going to be carrying any water…

I’m sure there are many more, but these are the ones that come to mind.

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