A View

Every Spring, the family would come together for a weekend of good food and good company in a condo overlooking the many times gloomy but majestic Pacific Ocean.

Grandma would sit at the table in front of the window just looking out over the ocean, sometimes catching glimpses of migrating whale spouts. Where Great Grandma barked at Uncle Tom in her sleep and the family to this day takes bets as to who will be the next member to start barking. The family played pranks on each other and dealt with an over-sensitive teenager who didn’t like to be made fun of and locked herself in the bathroom to have a pity party. Flying kites on the beach, looking for shells, or just walking along the beach and watching the waves. Shopping for seafood to cook for birthday dinner and then shopping in Old Town for jewelry, knick knacks and always for salt water taffy in a variety of flavors.

The condo with its 3 bedrooms with room for the entire family to have a room to sleep with large beds and plenty of floor space for the kids to curl up in sleeping bags, with a metal closet door for one child that flails in her sleep to keep her parents awake with. A hall closet with a hot water heater quickly turned off and on to let the new couple showering know that dinner was ready and they were taking to long. The large kitchen to create the culinary creations of fresh crab, shrimp, and scallops dripping in buttery goodness. To the large living room space with the hide-a-bed couch to lounge on and the blazing fire to warm up after the damp cold of playing on the beach. The balcony where the kids throw bread out to feed the frenzied sea gulls. All over looking the sandy beach and crashing gray waves of the frigid Pacific.

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