Evil No More

The grass and flowers swayed and the wind blew down the deserted stretch of highway. A coyote howled in the distance, and startled out of its hiding place, a rabbit kicked off and high speed. In the darkness, shadows danced and played peekaboo with the moon. The peaceful scene, was momentarily thrown into one of terror when the blackness began to cover the glowing orb. Then came great flash of amethyst light and in its place a small basket sitting on the small front porch.

One would not typically think, such a small creature could cause such fright, but held an evil that bubbled within.

Charlie was a small creature, no one really knew what he was or where he came from. Jules had loved him from the first moment she set eyes on him, bundled up in his basket padded with soft blankets. She wrapped him in her arms and he squirmed and tried to get away, causing her to giggle.

Why was this, odd creature touching him, why in name of all that is evil, was she squeezing the life out of him. “That’s it! She wants to kill me”, he thought. And then she began covering him with kisses. “What the devil, is she up to now!” He kept turning his face side to side trying to get away.

Such a little wiggle worm Jules thought, we are going to get along just fine. “I’ll have to kill her” is what Charlie was thinking, but in this body there was little he could do.

He wondered what had happened, one minute he was in the middle of an epic battle and the next he was being touched and molested by this odd looking two-legged creature that appeared to walk up-right.

As hard as he tried, all he could remember was preparing to slice off the head of his arch nemesis and the next, a flash of purple colored smoke. What foul magic was this, where had he been sent?

In the back of his mind Charlie could hear a giggle of laughter, and Matilda chanting

“… on to where you can never harm another soul..”

Into an innocent, your soul will go

To forget the horror you wrought

Harmless and helpless can’t be taught

Thou shall grow and learn and love once more

And never know the evil begun

As I will, so mote it be!

And then all was blank, he stared into his mother’s eyes shining with love and gave her a toothless smile.

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