Big Hospital Rant, Little Hospital Rave

Ok, I have a rant. My daughter is 22 years old. She started having abdominal pains in her side when she was 16. So that would make the year, 2011. You would think we had pretty good health care even then with all the leaps and bounds in medicine.

We lived in a large city. We went to doctor after doctor, urgent care and emergency room, blood tests and ultrasounds, MRI’s and Cat Scans, yet the could not figure out what was going on with her.

She finally just stopped complaining about it so, I thought it must have gone away.

Seven, SEVEN, years later she starts having the same problems only this time she is pregnant. She was not holding hardly any food down and lost 22 pounds in a couple months.

Started the cycle over again of doctors and emergency room visits. They finally see that she has sludge in her gall bladder and as she is just entering her second trimester it is the best time to get it out.

Why, why did it take 7 years and a small rinky dink hospital to figure this out??? If she had it removed 7 years ago we wouldn’t have to worry about both her and a baby through a surgery.

I feel like because she was so young they didn’t bother to look. Gall bladder problems are found by ultrasound. I know for a fact she had at least 2 back then. Why could they not find the problem? Was it because they just wanted to keep the money rolling in? I can certainly tell you that is what it feels like.

The doctor said that when he pulled her gall bladder out there was a lot of scar tissue built up. Meaning, she has had the problem for a number of years. I’m so disgusted with Peacehealth Medical Group for not finding the problem when it would have been easier for her to recover.

I doubly thankful for the staff of Coulee Medical Center ER and Radiology and Dr. Hsheih for finding the problem and taking care of not only my daughter, but my unborn grandchild.

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