She did what?

I mentioned before in Quiet Strength and Blunt Honesty that we used to visit the coast every year. One year when my Great Grandmother was still alive, it was the first time my Uncle Tom (before he was my uncle) met anyone in the family. Boy was he in for a surprise.

My Great Grandmother had Parkinson’s Disease, and recently I have been reading about some of the early signs and symptoms (don’t worry family, I’m not trying to tell you anything). I have been doing this because of all the issues with migraines and it was a concern that I talked to my neurologist about and he assured me he did not think it was a cause of the headaches.

Anyway, in my research I found that one of the early signs of Parkinson’s Disease is acting out dreams. Great Grandma always said she had bad dreams when she ate too much sugar.

The condo we stayed in at the coast was 3 bedrooms and had a hide-a-bed in the couch. Great Grandma and I were sleeping in the hide-a-bed and Tom was sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag at the end of the bed. Great Grandma must have been dreaming about dogs, because she crawled to the end of the bed in her white cotton night gown and started barking at Tom.

Yes, I said barking…

You think that man would have been frightened away by that point, but I think he was either a glutton for punishment or really loved my Aunt C.

I say this because, my family is an ornery one. Tom and Aunt C had been out walking on the beach and came back and took a shower to wash of the sand. The rest of my family had been cooking dinner and it was ready before they were done showering. Well, my dad and Carl were hungry so instead of waiting for them patiently, they decided to turn off the hot water on them.

You can imagine the sounds of bouncing off the walls that could be heard. As I said, Tom must have really loved my Aunt C because he not only married her, but he’s stuck around and is still married to her, putting up with our ornery family. He’s made a pretty good fit though, because he’s got a great sense of humor and fun.

Now the joke in our family is to wonder which one of us is going to start barking next.

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