Small Town…Mayhem??

So, I think my work mayhem may have followed me home. Not literally, but it showed up out of now where.

Two days ago, I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm, shuffled through the cold house with a full bladder and when I went back in the bedroom decided I really didn’t need to make my lunch and decided to sleep another 1/2 hour. About 20 minutes in to that half hour, the freaking doorbell rings. AT 4:40 in the morning!!!

The Mr and the Son-in-law rush out to the door and I peek around the corner to see them talking to a girl. Shawn walks back in to get his phone and tells me to get dressed, she may need some help. So I throw my jammie pants on and walk out to hear the gate clack shut. I looked out the window to see her staggering down the street.

I walked outside and down the stairs looking down the street and don’t see her anywhere, it was like she just poofed. I started to turn around to head back in the house when I hear a female asking to use a phone. She was at the next door neighbor’s and I thought that maybe they had answered the door. But when I looked over she was talking to the neighbor’s cat Two-Socks. Yes, she was asking him if she could use his phone.

So, instead of walking away, I walk over to the fence between the properities and ask her if everything is ok. She staggers over to the fence and asks to use the phone. She starts dialing numbers and most of them are out of service or not working at the time.

All of a sudden we hear some rustling coming from the bushes across the street. The next thing I know I have a strange, probably high as a kite woman with her arms wrapped around my neck. I think if there wasn’t a fence in beetween use her legs would have been wrapped around me like carrying a child. With all the Domestic Violence calls I take as a 9-1-1 dispatcher the first thing that comes to mind is that someone is after her, so I start getting a bit concerned.

I look across the street and a deer walks out of the bushes and just stops and stares at us. The girl by this time is clinging to my neck and shaking like a leaf. I pat her back and say, “It’s ok, it’s just a deer.” and she starts saying “it’s not, it’s something else, it’s something else, it’s something else.

Alrighty then…

While this is occurring she continues to dial the phone or rattle off numbers for me to dial. She finally gets in touch with someone (yay…you would think). She contacts her grandmother…who can’t drive at night….damn! Grandma is asking what is going on and I tell her what was going on and she made a groaning sound. She finally hangs up and we try several more numbers until we get a … wrong number… to which she starts arguing back and forth asking who is who etc. The person finally asks if the girl needs help and she says “Oh no! I’m ok!” to which I replied “YES, Please!

The person on the end of the line then gets suspicious and says “Is this a prank!” I said no ma’am, explained a bit of the situation and asked them to call for assistance.

Since, I finally had the phone in my control and noticed that it is now about 5:10 and I have to leave in a few minutes and I’m still in my jammies. I dial the PD where I work (which is not the jurisdiction I was in. I speak to my co-worker, who I am to relieve and tell her I am going to be late and explain a bit of the situation. And just in case the other person didn’t call the police asked her to call MACC dispatch who dispatches police for our area.

While waiting for the police to show up, the cat across the street decided to come over and see what was going on. Of course this was in Two-Socks yard, so there was a short little spat. And of course, this started another clinging and shaking session. At some point, during this whole thing, probably when the girl kept clinging tighter and kept gripping my nightshirt so that my back was exposed, I started getting chilly. K went in and got me my nice fleece work jacket with my dispatch badge on it.

After about 5 minutes or so, the police show up. The girl sees the police cars and I could tell if she had anywhere to run, she would have rabbited (taken off running) It happens to be an officer (that when he worked for one of the other departments and was only out of the academy a month with NO training program at his department that we helped a bit with getting information & our Training Coordinator helped show him how to write his reports and gather information. I was really happy that it was someone I knew that showed up.

He started talking with her and I learn that the girl is what we call a frequent flier, it’s a name I know well. Then of course the officer’s supervisor shows up. This is one of those cops who has been on the job for so long that he thinks he’s god. He’s really quite an ass, and of course, absolutely loves my husband who anytime he pulls him over he starts quoting laws back at him and tells him he made an illegal stop. So, of course, instant best friends …..hahah….NOT!

The supervisor looks at me and puffs out his chest and says “I assume you provided your information to our dispatch center and I stood up straighter and replied. “No, I had MY dispatch call YOUR dispatch! He stepped back and looked at me and asked me my name and then left.

I think they just ended up giving the girl a ride back down to the reservation. My daughter told me that she used to work with the girl and the girl didn’t even recognize her.

Oh the joys of small town tweakers.

This is just one the the random acts of weirdness that tends to find me.

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