Frustrations withthe Doctor’s and the VA

How do you go from seeing a Neck & Spine Orthopedic Doctor for neck and spine pain and come away with wrist brace for Carpel Tunnel? And maybe, if the VA will pay for it a cotozone shot in his neck for the pain. Didn’t even bother looking at his middle back where some of the other pain is located. Going into the ER thinking you are having a heart attack only to find that it is due to you being in so much pain that it caused your heart to mime symptom’s of a heart attack…

How did doctors go from helping people to not even listening to what the patient has to say? Ignoring the chief complaint entirely and going with the easiest to diagnose. Basically being told you are mental because you are in pain that the doctor can find no reason for you to have. Having a bulged disk in your spine that he flat out said he wouldn’t touch because, it may or may not help and that it could not possibly be causing him pain in the area he is having pain.

Watching someone you love barely walk some days because the amount of pain he’s in. The VA taking months to even approve anything or generally not caring for those who served this country. Then hearing of vets coming home, not with combat injuries but getting 100% disability for GERD (Acid Reflux). What the actual F***!

Denying claims because the medical records they have for you are stuck in a condemned building because they filled it so full that they can’t be retrieved because God Forbid it costs too much money to fix their own screw up.

We have been dealing with the VA off and on for over 20 years. Hearing how things are supposed to be better, then news stories of vets dying before they are even seen. Reading on that if you are having myterious illnesses that can’t be determined that it is probably Gulf War Syndrome and you don’t need proof if you served in the Gulf War during that time; only to be denied because you have not proof???

Not that it will get anywhere but the government should be ashamed of the way it treats the people who have fought for the freedoms the idiots who believe anything they are told are allowed. They wouldn’t have the things they do have without veterans.

I just don’t get it?

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