Faith in Future Generations

It is not often that we read about good things that are happening in our country these days. I’m proud to say that I know one little girl that is caring and thinks of others. I’ve been without ideas for a while on what to write about. Inspiration came in the form of an 8-year-old girl named Amelia. I’m proud of this little girl; whom I’ve only met a few times as she runs through the Police Department to bring her dad dinner or wait for mom to get off work. I am proud to work with both her mother and step-father. This family is raising their little girl right. Amelia came up with this idea on her own after seeing a news story about the homeless people in Spokane. After discussing this topic with her mother, Amelia decided she wanted to help.

The Tribal Tribune wrote a nice story about Amelia’s Project. [<– Click the link to read].

It truly does a heart good to see young people take their time and efforts to help others who are less fortunate. She’s starting small and local, helping local members of her Community and wants to do more over the Christmas holiday’s. With her heart and drive, Amelia can and will move on to do great things, for herself, her family and her community.

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