In the early morning hours, as she looked down the dark street she saw sparks flying and the following booms and pops many mis-take for gunshots. She pulled her patrol vehicle out of the parking space and rolls down the street looking for the miscreant setting off illegal fireworks.

She stopps in the alley where a family had a nice bonfire in their back yard to party yet keep warm on the wintery cold night. The officer steps out of her vehicle, telling her dispatcher she would be checking the area and to have her call the local sheriff’s office to tell them the calls they are receiving about gun shots are fireworks; as reports of shots fired and one down on the ground goes over the air.

She speaks to a young man who swears he didn’t set off any fireworks, but she isn’t certain she believes him. She warns him of the illegality of setting off fireworks as there is still a lot of dry grass and clears the scene.

She drives around patrolling the city for an hour to clear her head before and returns to the branch office to start catching up on reports. When she parks and looks down the same street into the darkness and sees more fireworks.

She radio’s dispatch to let her know that she will be back out for more fireworks and will be out at the same residence.

She approaches the same young man who swears that it wasn’t him that set off the fireworks but his neighbor.

The officer walks around the fence to find an old man crouching and trying to hide from her and giggling, while country music can be heard from his residence. The old man is intoxicated and can barely stand let alone walk very well and she asks him if there is anyone in the house. To which the old man cheekily replies “Just George Strait”. She asks him if he has any more fireworks and he says no but again is not sure she believes him.

The neighbors invite the old man over to their bonfire to party with them and to keep him out of trouble. The officer walks away shaking her head and trying to picture how the old man was able to light the fireworks and move away before they blew up on him.

She radio’s dispatch with a chuckle and reports that she is clear and will landline with details to make sure the dispatcher is as entertained as she was.

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